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Cafe > All day menu

 Muesli:  Housemade with smoked peaches,plum compote & yoghurt     $11.50

Toasted Best Ugly sesame bagels:

Chilli & sesame crusted avocado,smoked salmon & cream cheese $14.00

Free range eggs:  Any style on Hazels Grain or White loaf   $10.00

Hazels Hash Browns with poached eggs & hollandaise:

Streaky bacon  (gf)       $19.50                                                                

Avocado & Fresh vine tomatoes  $19.00

House Hot Smoked salmon  $21.00

Hazels Breakfast: Streaky bacon,crusted avocado,fresh tomato salsa,

Hot smoked salmon croquette, poached eggs,hollandaise & a flat bread  $24.00

Hazels Fried Chicken:

Potato Salad,coen,salsa,avocado & lime     $18.00

Hazels Kiwi Burger: 

Ground beef,swiss cheese,beetroot,bacon,fried egg,tomato with curly fries  $18.00

Vegan: Falafel,chilli & sesame crusted avocado,tomatro salsa & coconut yoghurt  $17.50

House Hot Smoked Salmon Croquettes:

Tomato salsa,herb mayonaise & cucumber    $16.00

Hazels French Toast:

Brioche,vanilla cream cheese,plum,peaches & ice-cream $16.00

Curly Fries: Aioli   $9.00

Kids Kranskys: Shoestring fries & juice   $10.50

Kids Eggs: Scrambled on white loaf with juice   $10.00