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Cafe > All day menu

Handmade Muesli:  Fresh seasonal berries,organic yoghurt 

and mango puree   $18.00

Free range eggs:  Any style on Hazels Grain or White loaf   $12.00

Hazels Hash Browns with poached eggs,spinach & hollandaise: $18.00


Prosciutto        $4.00

Streaky bacon        $4.00                                                                

Grilled asparagus & green tomato  $4.00

Lamb Merguezze sausages   $5.00

House Hot Smoked salmon  $5.00

 Breakfast for the hungry : Streaky bacon,lamb merguezze sausages,spinach

vine tomato,poached eggs covered with hollandaise sauce & a toasted slider  $26.50


Middle Eastern baked eggs,served with crusty sour dough  $19.00


Italian sausages   $5.00

Grilled halloumi & eggplant  $5.00

Hazels Secret Fried Chicken Burger:

Free range chicken breast covered with Hazel's secret chilli crust

with smoked bacon, served with housemade BBQ sauce & curly fries   $24.00

Vegan: Falafel,tztaiki,cumin & lemon hummus  $19.50

The BBQ Finest:

Special coated chicken with sticky sauce with a side

of curly fries accompained with fresh green salad      $17.50

Waffles Craziness:

-Free range chicken breast coated with Hazel's secret chilli crust

with smoked bacon served with housemade BBQ sauce  $24.00

-Blueberry,strawberry,raspberry,pure maple syrup,

pistachio crumb & a side of ice cream    $19.00

Kids Kranskys: Curly fries fries & juice   $7.00

Kids Eggs: Scrambled on white loaf with juice   $11.00                                                 

Extra Sides:

 Curly fries $7.00

Homemade hash browns $5.50

Free range egg $2.50

Gluten free toast $4.50

Toast $4.00

Streaky bacon $7.00

Free range black pudding $7.00

Hollandaise sauce $3.00

Fresh greens $7.50

Avocado $4.00

Vine tomatoes $4.50

Waffle $6.00

Smile free!